Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell at the Platt Hall Gallery of Costume, Manchester. She printed, he cut.

Free admission and absolutely gorgeous setting

Been gathering lots of inspiration lately! I hate to be that irritating girl in the gallery with her camera out constantly, but how fabulous are these..?

A few things I made last summer. Yes, I’m a lazy blogger! In all fairness, I didn’t have an internet connection for a few months..

Tweed moleskine cover with leather trim, lined paisley pencil case with contrasting yellow zip, canvas and leather rucksack with snaplink fastenings, cushion cover from found woven fabric and pink tweed shoulder bag. The bags were adapted from existing patterns held at my work so I can’t take credit for the whole design. Was a great opportunity to work with an industrial machine though! Many thanks to the lovely ladies that helped me out. Hoping to start selling little pouches in future.

Kat Grimoldby Summer 2013

A drawing from last Sunday’s class. 

Kat Grimoldby 2014

My new year’s resolution was to draw more..! I’ve been doodling aplenty but nothing compares to working from a model. 

I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the uncertainty of postgrad life! This last 6 months have been my first (ever!) outside of education. I’m working full time at the moment and trying to keep as creative and true to myself as possible. Aside the art I’ve started belly dancing, kick boxing and playing the fiddle to satiate my need to learn! I have so may half formed projects, concepts and skills I want to explore.. So in the meanwhile, I’ve written lists. Lots of lists.

Kat Grimoldby 2014

Designs on Earth

I’ve been featured on a site dedicated to sustainable design..!

Some really exciting work, and just a glimpse of some of the fantastic work on show at New Designers 2013. If you get the chance, get down there! 

Army of Me- under bust corset, bralet, mantle and gauntlets with shibori silk skirts

Modelled by Allison Beswick

Kat Grimoldby 2013

Army of Me-  boiled leather bodice, gorget and shibori silk skirts.

Manipulated leathers form fantastical exoskeletons for the body, juxtaposed by reams of jewel bright shibori silks. Inspired by extended studies of armour, historical costume, haute couture and the forms of fossils, my practise is led by the disparate qualities of reclaimed leathers and the unpredictable process of Shibori.

Modelled by Allison Beswick

Kat Grimoldby 2013

Army of Me- Ridged corset, pauldron, ‘kote’ sleeves and shibori bustle.

Leather possesses a unique, contradictory vocabulary: sophisticated, savage, refined, raw, luxurious, utilitarian, each piece has differentiating properties and characteristics that in turn inform the ambience of the garments.

I’m selling my shibori dyed silks as scarves..! First one went today. Please message me if you’d be interested in purchasing one- I’m just starting out so my prices are very reasonable. 

I’m hoping to try some new colour schemes outside my graduate collection. Looking into ordering brazil wood and indigo.. Mmmm

Kat Grimoldby 2013

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Wow, what a week..! I turned 23 last Monday, made the front page of the local paper and my degree show opened to the public. My family came all the way up from Devon for the private view on the Saturday night, which was a lovely event and a great chance to catch up with a few old faces, including my ex-tutor who has since moved on to work for the Royal School of Needlework. Manning the exhibition and chatting to visitors has been a wonderful experience. It’s surreal seeing how others respond to my work and the observations they make.. connections that haven’t occurred to me after working on the same project for nearly 9 months. I’ve had some really positive feedback and a potential sale.. all very promising!

Oh, and I finally got my website live..! You can see my final exhibition peices at

Currently keeping myself busy developing fashion accessories from my leftover materials and applying to local businesses for internships and voluntary work whilst preparing for New Designers (fingers crossed!)

In the meanwhile, bracing myself for s3 finale of Game of Thrones. That is, once I’ve recovered from The Rains of Castamere..

Shoulder peice constructed and tooled using traditional leather crafting techniques with Andy Bates Leatherwork, Hexham.   

Kat Grimoldby 2012

A sneaky peak from my photo shoot last night. The last few weeks have been pretty insane, with finishing my professional website, designing a promotional pack, exhibition preparation and pulling these ensembles together. Still much to do, but the end is in sight (along with a good nights sleep!)

Many thanks to Ally for modelling. You can see her gorgeous ceramics here

Kat Grimoldby 2013 

Shibori details

Kat Grimoldby 2013

More moth play. This pattern generating mallarchy is pretty addictive..!

Kat Grimoldby 2013

Blatant procrastination, but I decided to have a little play with my moths..

Kat Grimoldby 2013